Born in Como on September 30th, 1986

After performing artistic gymnastics for 10 years, she attends dancing and theater courses until she discovers her true inclination within the circus aerial disciplines.

In 2007 she graduates from the circus school Flic in Turin, her specialty is Tessuti Aerei (aerial tissues), her greatest passion!

During the second year at Flic, she develops, through  a painstaking work of research with a strip of fabric,  an amazing and original stage performance named PinkMary’s U-shaped tissue.

A performance that mirrors her true dynamism and sparkling essence , ready for the audience to discover.

Following to the circus school, she spends several years teaching circus disciplines while she keeps attending training courses with masters such as: Jean Meningue, Domenico Lannutti, Firenza Guidi, Roman Fedin, Elodie Donaque, Peter Weyel, Terry Crane, Mister David.

In 2014 she stages her own aerial performance “s.VAMP.ita”, a comic-acrobatic show very much appreciated by the audience.

In 2015 her new  street show “PinkAterra”, challenges her  in a new dimension, the ground.

A show enriched by funny acrobatic performances, contortionism, objects turning into comical characters, and exhilarating interactions with the audience.

Among the attended festivals:

Festival degli Orsanti (Compiano), Histrionika (Lucca), Fricandò (Correggio), OltreNoto (Noto), Mercantia (Certaldo), Maraviglia (Calenzano), Equilibri (Bologna), ABC Festival ApritiBorgo (Campiglia, La Notte delle Streghe (San Giovanni in Marignano), Cirk Fantastik (Firenze).